Tea Leaf Cupidity

This is your life darlings, live it with love. If it doesn’t serve you, kick it to the curb!

~Tee McD


Tee McD

Mother, tea aficionado, jazz lover, snark appreciator, and a bad-ass cancer survivor.

Hello there!

Welcome to my blog.  Green tea, Black tea, White, Pu-erh, or my favourite Oolong…all teas are beautiful.  This is the start of my journey.

I am discovering teas that I didn’t even know existed…and learning all the time.  While I am currently obtaining my sommelier certification, I figured it was about time I start getting all my thoughts down on paper…or digitally as the case may be.

If you have any thoughts about my thoughts, any ideas you’d like to share, or places you would like me to see, contact me and let me know.

It’s all about the love we put into our world. And we know that the love you take is equal to the love you make.

~ Tee

I love to hear from my readers!  Drop me a line.  I will never sell your email address and I promise to only keep you apprised of anything that I find that is super cool and needs to be shared. A sucker for any kind of ‘deal’, I am the friend you can count on to let her peeps know.  Cheers!

Tee McD, Blogger