Tea Review: Formosa Oolong
Tea Review: Formosa Oolong

Oolong is my favourite type of tea. And, to be honest, it’s not just the taste that I am enthralled with.  Anyone who has been around me as I brew a short Oolong knows that I am as thrilled to watch those big old leaves open up and unfurl as I do drinking the liquor.

While some teas call for a quick rinse, I have found that I am not required to do so with Formosa Oolong.  Short oxidized, it is surprisingly woody. Still carrying the apricot notes, this oolong is surprising as it is much warmer than other short oxidized oolongs.

My teacher often stresses that oolongs are exceptional since the individual estate guards and protects their oolong oxidization processes fiercely. And that kind of dedication shows in a consistency that one can depend on fully.

From Taiwan, Formosa Oolong has an enviable reputation – most of the best oolongs come from that island.


It is not typical to add dairy or sweetener to oolong teas. Oolong teas are enjoyed throughout the day. The slightly nutty flavor of this Formosa Oolong pairs well with berries and soft cheeses.

Heating the water to – 195˚F I use almost 3 grams of tea in my cupping set and then adding the water I brew for 3 minutes exactly.  The liquor is a vibrant, rich amber. The wet leaves are shiny – showing off the furled leaves that I adore.

The taste is the thing though.  Fresh and fragrantly light. Nutty, with hints of spring blossoms and stone fruits. Super smooth. It is darker than one would expect from such light tastes.  But that could just be me.

So, whats on the docket next? Well, as per my courses, how about a tea recipe?  Okay then, that is what I will do.  Until next time…

Stay lovely tea folk!
~ Tee