Hello Twen-Tea Eighteen
Hello Twen-Tea Eighteen

By the time you read this you will all have had your lovely(?) Christmases. Although I am not a Scrooge per se, the Christmas holidays are not of any real excitement for me. The commercialization, the small family dramas, and the sheer amount of work put into turkey dinners always seem exhausting. I mean, I love getting together with friends and family…but it just seems like a lot of work for a religious celebration that hardly any of my peeps actually recognize for its original purpose.

My family gets together on Christmas Eve night, designed that way so kids could open their toys and have the time to enjoy them Christmas morning. Turkey with all the fixins’ is, naturally, the meal of the day. We eat a lot, drinks flow (tea for me), and games are played.

Once all the family leaves I set to cleaning up because I simply do not want to wake up to a disaster zone. No easy feat to be sure. Lovely people we are, but holy crap can we wreck a kitchen.

Then, on alternate ‘Christmas day’ years daughter and I would go to the in-laws (either husband doesn’t matter which) for another turkey dinner. The next year it would be on Boxing Day leaving Christmas Day open in between.

And it is on those ‘open’ years (which are my favourite to be honest) my second husband and I would pack our pockets with bread and seeds and go feed the ducks and geese in Simcoe. We weren’t supposed to, and apparently it is illegal, but screw that business because I have been doing this for 20 plus years, I am not stopping now – unless of course the Officer tells us to leave then, whatever you say Sir.

Afterwards we would drive home and, forgoing the turkey we were surely to eat over the next 4 days, we would dive into some pre-ordered Chinese food and watch old movies.

Depending on if we had the time off of work or not, the following week would be a slow one, perhaps visiting friends and extended family. And then, New Year’s Eve.

Alright, so to know me is to know that I like to live my life in accordance with the Sun. I like to be up at daybreak, and I am not long for bed after sunset depending on the time of year. So when I tell you that midnight is a rare time of the day for me to see, I am not making it up. A glass of bubbly around 10:00 pm and its lights out for me.

Sound boring? Maybe, but I regularly get to see some amazing colours in the dawn sky. I also get to soak up every last droplet of sun that the harsh Canadian winter has to offer.

And, on those mornings I can simply pad around the house in my jammies the most appropriate tea for me to drink is always black. A good, strong, black – sometimes with milk, most often without, and rarely (if ever) with any kind of sweetener.

For the holiday season of 2017 I have been able to source out some really beautiful Ceylon teas from my lovely tea purveyor. Although I hardly ever drink cow’s milk (opting for almond milk for everyday use) I will treat the house to a pint of milk specifically designed for morning tea.

So until next time, I hope you all have a lovely New Year’s Eve. I look forward to 2018, taking lessons I have learned in the past year and using them to make my life better, healthier, happier, and surrounded by friends and family I adore.

Here’s to an amazing 2018 lovely tea folk!