Cozy Up!
Cozy Up!

While I hardly ever make an entire pot of tea, there are occasions when a blend is called for – requiring a full pot of love.

Since I use a filter in my pot – so as not to allow the leaves to stew, making the liquor become bitter – my only other issue is keeping the tea warm.

Now, ‘warm’ is a relative temperature. Some people like their tea piping hot. Others like it at a more drinkable heat. I would definitely be a member of the latter group. I have learned through my cuppings that I prefer an unadorned cup of tea at a much lower temperature. Why? Because that is where I get my best taste.

While we know the best temps to brew the individual types of tea, I prefer my infused liquor to cool down. I never ever get the same aroma or taste from a hot cup of tea as I do a slightly-warmer-than-warm cup. Short oolong don’t fully show their apricot taste at 185 degrees. But give it 5 minutes after the brew and the flavours start to open up like petals on a flower. It is truly something to behold.

So, while I have many smaller pots, I have no real need for tea cozies. Except for one small problem; I really freaking love them!

The are bloody adorable. Knitted or sewn, they can bring forward a memory of my grandmothers kitchen in Kent blindingly quick. She had a couple sewn and a couple knit, or crocheted, not sure which and telly don’t care.

All of her cozies that fit round the pot had a beautiful fawn tint around the base of the spout. Collecting years, of not decades of tea drips. Washed regularly those cozies simply became softer, warmer, and tea tinted over time.

So perhaps we all should have a couple cozies stocked away for a pot of tea. Of for nothing else than to add to the ambiance and whimsy of an afternoon with scones, friends, and sweet memories of our childhood.

Off to find my knitting sticks. Until next time, stay lovely tea-folk.

~ Tee