Tea and Netflix, Thank You!
Tea and Netflix, Thank You!

If my interest in all-things-tea may seem to be encompassing, I must tell you that sometimes I do have to shut my racing mind down and zen-out – usually with some tea and Netflix.

‘You pair tea with movies?’ you ask? Yes, yes I do.

For nights I want to watch something like ‘Stranger Things’, I pair it up with a lovely pot of Lapsang Souchong. Why? Well, it fits. The smokey notes of Lapsang always remind me of the forests we used to camp in when I was younger. If you have watched the two seasons of Stranger Things, you will understand completely.

As a lover of Wes Anderson movies, pairing with The Darjeeling Limited is just a no-brainer.  The First Flush Darjeeling is known the world over as a fine delicacy. The first pluck of the season, it is extremely delicate; some say it’s the Dom Perignon of the tea world. While watching, be quirky like the man himself; wear fuzzy slippers and a sari whilst donning goggles to watch the movie.

But, really that is just too on the nose isn’t it? How about pairing a pot of Darjeeling with the movie ‘French Kiss’? It is fun, and crisp, and takes place in the wine country of France.  Perfect for the champagne of teas.

I love Kung-Fu movies…and my favourite – bar none – is Kill Bill volumes 1 and 2. So on nights where its just going to be me and The Bride, I will break out a really malty, stone-fruity Keemun…complete with milk and just the barest threads of honey.

The most well-known is Keemun Mao Feng. It is a little sweeter than other Keemun teas…thus requiring just a hint of honey for sweetness.

Not forgetting our greens, I pair up a vegetative Matcha with the movie ‘The Seven Samurai’. If you have never seen an Akira Kurosawa film, you are missing out! Movies such as The Magnificent Seven and Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, are among so many that have taken either elements, or even the plot of the entire movie, from various Kurosawa films.

Matcha, which is shade-grown, is a de-veined, powdered green tea leaf.  One of matcha’s many attributes is its powerful antioxidants, photogenic green colour, and a leaf that packs quite the caffeine punch. Remember, you are consuming the entire leaf when you drink matcha. Grassy, it has an umami that covers the entire mouth. For me matcha was definitely an acquired taste…but one that is required for a movie as grand at The Seven Samurai.

Last, but certainly not least, is my favourite – oolong.  And what movie does oolong go best with?

Well, after brewing up a pot of Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong I kick it back with the most badass femme of all…Wonder Woman!

Because oolong has such an array of oxidization, anywhere from 10% to 90% oxidization, the estate protected manufacturing processes are as tantalizingly secretative as the real identity of Diana Prince herself. Oolong, by far, is my favourite type of tea so I quite enjoy an entire pot throughout a movie.

So what is you favourite pairing? A sencha with The Fast and Furious? Or a lovely, yummy Ceylon with your Sunday Corrie Street?  Let me know as I love to hear from you!

For now, I think I am going to go brew a lovely cup of Pai Mu Tan and rewatch some Star Wars in preparation for The Last Jedi.  ?

Have an awesome week lovely tea-folk,