First Past the Post
First Past the Post

Like all things in this life, what we find exciting is relative. In the past, I found my thrills in the arena of politics, the excitement of debate, the mellow awesomeness of a really, really good martini…or six.

However, through experience and a brush with death, I have realized that much of what I thought was exhilarating in my life, was really just damaging me. Politics was taking its toll, debates turned into all-out fights, the martinis were becoming a little too dependant on…and six was an easy day.

So I changed because I had to. I found out I had breast cancer and that was simply the beginning of my new life.  My daughter and my husband aside, very little of the life I lead right now bears any resemblance to the life I led before cancer.  I view food differently, I have been sober for many years, and I have learned how to let shit go.

I practice yoga. I meditate. I eat better. I am constantly trying to be healthier while still allowing myself to eat the fucking cake.

Now, tea maybe not your cup, but it is definitely my cupidity. There are hundreds of variations of two wee genuses. Yes, yes, yes, three, but we don’t really talk about that much do we?

Tea is life in that we drink it, we eat it, and we definitely live around it if we haven’t had any for an entire morning. There is an art to the brew. A science to the cup. Tea can be many things or very few…but for me, tea connects me to the universe. It is the constant that never changes and that will always be there for me.

My blog will be about discovering new things. Creating new ways to enjoy tea. I will post tasting notes, recipes, and anything that is just cool about the tea world. If you have any ideas you would like to share with me please do so…I love connecting with others who have found the magic of Camilla var Sinensus or Assamica.

Until next time, have an awesome day lovely tea-folk.

~ Tee